Name: Paul Jung

Year: Senior

Major/Field of Study: Business Administration. Minor: 3D Design and Computer Programming

Pledge Class: Fall 2014

Professional Experiences: Last summer, Paul interned at PwC as a strategic Technologies intern. Two summers ago, Paul interned at a boutique consulting firm that specializes in non-profit clients. Previously, Paul interned as an asset management intern at UBS.

Bio: Paul attended high school in Saratoga, CA where he played Water Polo and ran hurdles on the Track & Field team. Paul is currently pursuing a career in consulting. He hopes to eventually end up in the Bay Area, and is interested in the Technology industry. Paul's interests include photography, snowboarding, fitness, nature, and travel. Paul's interests include photography and design, snowboarding, and budget travel. His favorite food is pho, with street tacos as a close second.