Name: Jenna Jung

Year: Senior

Major/Field of Study: Business Administration w/ Pre-Law Emphasis

Minor: Culture, Media, and Entertainment; Entertainment Industry

Pledge Class: Fall 2015

Professional Experience: E-Sports Stadium Inc.

Bio:  Jenna is a junior attending the University of Southern California pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Culture, Media, and Entertainment. Previously, she's gained work experience for the accounting/finance sector by interning at CPA firms and non-profits, but she's realized her true passions lie within the more creative arts. Since then, she's been gearing towards Cinema and Media courses in her studies, while assisting with the operation of an eSports Arena in the OC Area. In the future, she sees herself as a lawyer in the Media and Sports Industry, utilizing her native proficiency in Korean and unbroken ambition to spearhead the rapid growth of eSports. She can be reached at