Name: Michelle Jang

Year: Sophomore

Major/Field of Study: Business Administration

Minor: Computer Programming

Pledge Class: Spring 2017

Professional Experiences: Michelle has interned at 2Crave as a Business Development Intern. Most recently, she interned at Angeles Investment Advisors LLC. as an Investment Markets Intern where she gained exposure to the financial services industry and investment consulting.

Bio: Michelle is currently a sophomore from Irvine, California who has various experiences and interest in business, technology, and design. In high school, Michelle did research under Cal Tech’s Solar Army, analyzing the photo-electrolysis of water and the transportation of solar energy, and had various leadership positions in different organizations. At USC, Michelle is involved with the Marshall Business Student Government (MBSG) as Director of Marketing and HR and the Trojan Marketing Group (TMG) as a designer. Michelle’s interest and hobbies include film photography, painting, food and museum adventures, documentaries, fashion, and Korean history and cinema.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-jang/