Name: Gaurav Jethwani

Year: Senior

Major/Field of Study: Business Administration

Pledge Class: Spring 2014

Professional Experience: Gaurav has worked for Sudam Narang Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. as a Real Estate Associate Intern as well as a Business Development Intern for The Roo App.

Bio: Gaurav is from Pune, India. He studied till 10th grade in Pune and went for junior and senior high school to boarding school in Bangalore, India. Boarding school was one of the best experiences. With no phones, Facebook, gmail, Hotmail and any other type of ‘cool gadget’, Gaurav bonded closely with the people around and learnt to become independent and more self-confident than he already was. He has a deep interest in entrepreneurship and real estate when it comes to business, and feels that the culmination of both of these fields can help greatly in the development in countries that lack basic infrastructural foundation. Gaurav wants to be famous and earn a lot of money, but simultaneously make a name that is associated with creating an impact on the community.Leaving academics and life goals aside, his hobbies are dancing, acting, travelling, soccer, paragliding and cricket. He loves reading about cars and having knowledge of how they work, and is actually considering the automobile industry as his alternative career. Music calms him down and pulls him up in his lowest times. He loves house music and has learnt the basics of DJ’ing.