Name: Derek Huang

Year: Senior

Major/Field of Study: Business Administration

Pledge Class: Spring 2014

Professional Experiences: For probably the last internship of his college career, Derek's interning at Lionsgate in their interactive ventures & games department. He's previously interned in corporate finance @ Oracle and at an investment bank in downtown LA. 

Bio: Derek's originally from Saratoga in the Bay Area. If there is a 7-11 within a 25 mile radius of Saratoga, there is a 100% possibility that he has been there and knows exactly where it is. One day, he hopes to surf the mighty waves of Teahupo'o in Polynesia and travel the world. Unfortunately, he's not that good at surfing and plane tickets are expensive, so it might take a while. In his spare time, he likes long walks on the beach, getting better at surfing, exploring new places, and hanging out with friends.