Name: Andrew Chow

Year: Sophomore

Major/Field of Study: Business Administration

Minor: Psychology, Applied Analytics

Pledge Class: Fall 2017

Professional Experiences: This past summer, Andrew was an M&A Financial Advisory Services Intern at Deloitte. Although Andrew is looking to pursue a career in Finance, he is also interested in consulting (more specifically, Financial Management Consulting). However, in the long term, Andrew wishes to open/manage his own restaurant or work in the NBA as a manager.

Bio: Andrew was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and is a huge food connoisseur (or he likes to believe so). He enjoys the outdoors, including skiing and hiking, and loves playing sports (and virtual sports, such as NBA 2K). On campus, in addition to being the Vice President of Community Service for DSP, Andrew is also the Events Planner for the Chinese American Student Association.